Laramie, Wyoming: Travel Guide to the Nicest Little Town in the West

Just 60 to 70 miles north of Fort Collins, Colorado you’ll find the Wyoming border. You’ll either take I-25 directly to the Wyoming state capital, Cheyenne or you can take Highway 287 to the University town of Laramie.

The easiest way to get on to 287 is by going to College, it’s the biggest street running through Fort Collins. You can’t miss it. It’s got every business known to man on it. You head north on College. The street will rap around until you get to the 287 turn off. From there, it’s just an easy drive all the way into Laramie. Of course, that’s coming from Colorado. There is always the I-80 turn off. It can take you to and from Cheyenne or Laramie.

Laramie Sign

Among the finest places to eat in Laramie is The Calvaryman. It’s located off of Highway 287, less than 2 miles south of town. Laramie’s food industry has changed a great deal over the years. But, some of the best places to find the food you’re looking for is a nice diner/restaurant called Wingers. It’s located on Grand Avenue, 2 miles off of the Grand Avenue turn-off from I-80. It’s not hard to miss. The food is superb. Try their fajitas. The ’50-’60s atmosphere makes for a fun dining experience. And, the service in Wingers is among the best in town. While that’s all well and good on the east side of Laramie, you’ve got Shari’s – nice little 24-hour restaurant, serving the best salads I’ve ever had. There’s Applebee’s – if you know anything about them you’ll know they’ve got great casadias. The easiest place to get good Chinese in town is the Hong Kong Buffet. Then The Great Wall on the south side 3rd offers the best.

There are many places to stay the night in Laramie. You’ve got the cheaper; Motel 6 and Motel 8 located in West Laramie. You’ve got your classy places. The new Hampton Inn on Grand Ave. off the I-80, Grand Avenue turn off is as luxurious as they come. Their prices start at $99.00. The Econo Lodge may be noisy but I slept better there than any other motel in town. Their prices start at $59.50. The Days Inn is more comfortable than any in town. Their prices start at $69.00. And, The Travel Lodge feels the most authentic for Laramie, Wyoming. Their prices start at $39.50. Most of these listed take AAA.

For recreation in Laramie, you can always stop by the local movie houses. There happens to be only 2 movie theaters in town; Trans-Lux Fox Cinema on 20th Street, and Wyo Cinema on 5th. While the newer Fox features the newest film, don’t miss those that have came and went at the Wyo. If movies aren’t your thing, take a stroll around Laramie’s beautiful parks. On the north part of town is Labonte Park, which including a big, clear perfect lake and a softball field offers a basketball court, 2 playgrounds and a skateboard park. Washington Park located toward the center of Laramie offers 2 basketball courts, 12 horseshoe pits (that’s right, horseshoe pits), a sand volleyball court, and a wading pool.

Laprele Park offers a Huck Finn pond and dock, a native area, and playground. Undine Park in the southwest part of town offers a tennis court, wading pool, and – much like every other park listed above, the Undine pits which has 4 picnic tables and a BBQ. For those of you eager to check out some local history, you can’t go wrong with the Wyoming Territorial Park (“Wyoming Territorial Prison” in its heyday). It’s where the famous Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid once stayed.

For culture, you can’t miss the University of Wyoming Geological Museum and the University of Wyoming Art Museum. Both feature fascinating artworks and even more fascinating rocks.

The University of Wyoming, which may be the great state of Wyoming’s most popular feature has a beautiful campus. It’s the home of The Cowboys. It’s western front of is lined with big, beautiful green trees which are an incredible sight in the snowiest time of winter. It’s got great parking and transportation. There is a parking in the north, south and eastern ends of campus. It offers great classes. And, for those of you who love the stars, there’s Laramie’s own observatory with a dome that is almost as tall as the football stadium.

All together, Laramie, Wyoming may have its bad history. But don’t believe everything you see in the tabloids or in the news. It’s a quaint little town located in a beautiful scenic valley with big, tree-covered mountains to the East, West and South. It offers a fun nightlife. It offers some great, homestyle dining. It offers some great culture and education. And, above all else, Laramie offers history.